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Instructions: House number does not include apartment number. Enter street name without street direction (i.e., E, W, N, S) or street type (i.e., St, Blvd, etc.).
House Number: Street Name:
(e.g., 5711) (e.g., Colfax - not W Colfax or Colfax Ave)

Address Search Tips:
  • Enter only house number to search for all addresses with that house number.
  • Enter only street name to search for all addresses with that street name. If you enter a partial name, the returned results will display all streets that begin with the partial street name. For example, if you enter LAR, you will be shown results for LARIAT, LARK BUNTING and LARKSPUR.
If more than one address in the county matches, you will be shown a list from which to choose for detailed information about that property.