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Instructions: The state-wide indentifier - AIN/Parcel ID - is comprised of 10 or fewer digits separated into four parts by hyphens. The digits are based on legal description parameters (*see table below detailing the example of AIN/Parcel ID 29-143-02-004).

If the AIN/Parcel ID contains fewer than 10 digits, enter only those. You may enter only the first few characters of AIN/Parcel ID to access a list of parcels whose first few characters match those entered. Please insert hyphens at the appropriiate positions.

AIN/Parcel ID:
(e.g., 29-143-02-004)

*Example Jefferson County Format for AIN/Parcel ID: 29-143-02-004

Position Explanation Example
First Identifies Township T2S
Second Identifies Last Digit In Range R69W
Third hyphen -
Fourth & Fifth Actual Section Number 14
Sixth Assigned Quarter Section Number 3
Seventh hyphen -
Eighth & Ninth Assigned Parcel Block Number 02
Tenth hyphen -
Eleventh Thru Thirteenth Assigned Parcel Lot Number 004